Vision, Mission and History

​Our Vision

Sacramento will have strong and inclusive communities, safe and healthy families, and valued children who can realize their potential and enjoy productive and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

The First 5 Sacramento Commission is committed to supporting the healthy development of children zero to age five, the empowerment of families and the strengthening of communities.

First 5 Sacramento History

In 1998 California voters passed Proposition 10 (Prop 10), The Children and Families Act, to add a 50-cent tax on tobacco products. The monies collected are used statewide and locally to fund programs that promote early childhood development for children ages zero through five years. Due to smoking prevention efforts, the tobacco tax is a declining source of revenue and therefore the Prop 10 allocation diminishes each year.

Prop 10 goals include providing preventive services that ensure children are learning and ready for school; families are strong and self-sufficient; children are healthy; and systems and services are integrated and accessible.

As a result of Prop 10, there is a State agency—First 5 California, and all 58 counties have a local First 5 Commission to implement these goals. The Prop 10 distribution is 20% to the State First 5 and 80% to the county First 5’s and this distribution is based on the birth rate for each county. In Sacramento County the birth rate is approximately 20,400 births annually and First 5 Sacramento’s Prop 10 annual allocation is $14.5 million. This funding provides innovative child development and safety net program services throughout Sacramento County. From our inception in fiscal year 1999 through 2011, First 5 Sacramento has invested more than $128 million into Sacramento County through community partners. This funding delivers critical development services to children prenatal through age five and programs to strengthen the family bond. More about Proposition 10.