Effective Parenting

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 The First 5 Sacramento Commission awarded funding for programs and services to enhance safety, child learning and development, strengthen parent-child relationships and promote the healthy development of children prenatal through age five and their families in Sacramento County.

What is First 5 Sacramento Doing To Help Parents Improve Effective Parenting for Children Ages Zero to Five?

First 5 Sacramento works with community partners to increase the parenting services and coordinated supports to children ages zero to five by increasing the number of parent education courses and supportive services that are available to families in Sacramento County. First 5 Sacramento supports a variety of programs and services to help parents and caregivers practice appropriate parenting skills. These supportive services also include emergency child care services, crisis intervention resources and home visitation services. Seven lead agencies oversee the service delivery provided by several community partners under the Commission’s priority area of Early Care and Development – Effective Parenting Result Area.
Funding Allocation: $44,290,468 million
Funding Cycle: FY 2010-2015
First 5 Sacramento Staff Contact: Debra Payne, MSW, Program Planner, (916) 876-5870

Funded Partners

To learn more about Effective Parenting Result Area Services contact the First 5 Sacramento community partners below.

Free Services at the FRCs include:

  • Transportation
  • Parent timeout and Playcare
  • Immunization Clinics
  • Car seats and car seat training
  • Hearing and dental screenings
  • Other family support activities
  • Joint visits with Birth & Beyond
    Home Visitors and School
    Readiness Liaisons

Visit a Family Resource Center near you!

  • Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento (CAPC) / Family Support Collaborative, Family Resource Center’s Effective Parenting Initiative (EPI), Home Visitation Initiative (HVI), and Crisis Intervention Services(CIS)
    CAPC serves as the oversight agent for the Family Support Collaborative (FSC) which is comprised of six community-based, non-profit agencies who operate nine (9) local Family Resource Centers (FRC) nestled in culturally and linguistically diverse high need communities throughout Sacramento County. Each FRC offers case management, parent education classes, home visitation and crisis intervention services to families with children ages 0 to five. The evidence-based curriculum used to deliver the services include: Make Parenting a Pleasure, DARE to Be You, and the Nurturing Parenting Program.
    • Total Funding: $38,509,802 
    • Funding Cycle: FY 2010-2015 
    • Contact: Gina Robertson, CAPC Associate Director, (916) 244-1935

  • Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services - Child Protective Services
    Provides service coordination, quality assurance, training, technical assistance, CPS liaison and Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) claiming services on behalf of the Family Resource Center's EPI, HVI and CI Programs in conjunction with the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento and the Family Support Collaborative. 

    • Total Funding: $1,277,949 
    • Funding Cycle: FY 2010-2015 
    • Contact: Marian Kubiak, Program Manager, (916) 874-4075

  • Sacramento Children’s Home - Crisis Nurseries (Crisis Intervention and Safe/Emergency Child Care Services)
    Crisis Nurseries (North and South locations) provide short-term emergency child care (7a.m. to 7 p.m.) and 24-hour respite care up to 30 days for children ages zero to five while parents and caregivers receive support and coordinated case-management services to mitigate a crisis. Services also include counseling, referrals to housing, employment, and other services; coordinated linkages with Family Resource Centers in their communities; and assistance with transportation. Children’s services include nutritious meals; access to proper medical and dental care, screening, and immunizations; and developmentally appropriate literacy and school readiness activities. Services are free to the family and confidential.

    • Total Funding: $7,100,712 
    • Funding Cycle: FY 2010-2015 
    • Contact: Chris McCarty, Director of Community Programs, (916) 679-3600

Additional Effective Parenting Resources