Kit for New Parents

Kit for New Parents Ordering​ Information

Kits Available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese

The Kit for New Parents is a comprehensive resource about the importance of the early years with practical information parents can incorporate into their daily lives. Good health, loving relationships and frequent learning opportunities are some of the topics covered. Kits are customized for Sacramento County residents to include local information on services and resources. The Kit is FREE and available to new and expecting parents and their children through age five. Most parents receive a Kit during the hospital stay; if you did not receive a Kit, ordering and pick-up information are listed below.

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NOTE: Deliveries are Free and arrive within one week. Contact Erin Maurie, Communications Media Officer, at (916) 876-6684 if you have any problems ordering the Kit for New Parents.


If you did not receive your Kit for New Parents at the hospital upon delivery. You may pick u​​p your free Kit at any of the WIC locations or Family Resource Centers.​​