Programs for Children

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First 5 Sacramento actively focuses on funding several programs that benefit Sacramento County children prenatal to age five and their families. We strive to give parents and caregivers the tools necessary to ensure their children reach their greatest potential.



First 5 Sacramento supports a variety of activities and services to ensure that children, particularly those at most risk, are born healthy and have access to services to ensure that they stay healthy. Learn what First 5 Sacramento is doing to improve the health of young children.

Oral Health

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in infants and young children. Learn what First 5 Sacramento is doing to improve dental hygiene in children.

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Improving nutrition and physical activity for young children can help provide a healthy start in life, encourage healthy habits, and help decrease a variety of problems and conditions. There are a few ways that First 5 Sacramento is working to improve nutrition and physical activity, including: promoting breastfeeding in infants, nutrition education activities, and the building of tot lots. Visit this section to learn more about what First 5 Sacramento is doing to increase awareness and help kids with a healthy start.

Quality Early Care and Education

Parents and caregivers need access to good information in order to make informed choices about both the availability and the quality of the childcare that they select for their children. Learn what First 5 Sacramento is doing about child care affordability and quality.

School Readiness

The years from birth through age five are a time of significant growth and development that form a foundation for all the years that follow, including becoming successful learners and productive adults.  School readiness, or preparing a child to be successful in school, involves providing programs and services that support balanced growth in five major areas:  physical well-being and motor development; social and emotional development; approaches to learning; language development and communication, and cognition and general knowledge. Learn how First 5 Sacramento promotes early learning and development to ensure children enter kindergarten “ready to learn.”

Effective Parenting

Young children require love, instruction, and support from their parents and caregivers in order to build a foundation for their developmental growth. It is vital that parents and caregivers have numerous parent education services and family support services to help them meet the needs of their children. Learn what First 5 Sacramento is doing to promote effective parenting for children zero to five.